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Acerca Pollite

Pollite are one of the largest manufactures of fibreglass masts in Europe with an international presence that spans across Europe, Asia, USA and the Middle East. Boasting over 40 years experience in the manufacturing of fibreglass and the design of frangible safety poles.

Our custom built manufacturing facility is based in the UK where we design and manufacture every single Pollite mast. We have the onsite facilities and experience to manufacture signage, flagpoles, radio antenna masts and bespoke architectural features.

As part of a larger company, Pollite has the staff, resource, technical knowledge and manufacturing expertise to take on large scale international projects. Continuous research and development from our UK manufacturing plant ensure mast construction is always improving.

The last 10 years has seen Pollite pioneer the development of a series of frangible masts principally for airfields. Fulfilling the specifications with simplicity and minimal maintenance requirement is of paramount importance.

Since the launch of ICAO’s Aerodrome Design Manual, Part 6 Frangibility in 2006, Pollite have developed a strict inspectional and testing policy. Quality is at the core of what we create and deliver, to bring you cutting edge fibreglass products.

At Pollite we work with a large globally recognised testing house that specialises in airfield products to continually push the boundaries and comply to ICAO and FAA requirements. We not only aim to meet safety standards and compliance, we strive to exceed them.

Our core focus is to work with you across every aspect of the design and manufacturing process to deliver masts and poles that are globally, the best in class.