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Frangible Airport Fencing – A Safer Alternative

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The case for frangible airport fencing continues to grow amidst recent reports in The Aviation Herald of a Passaredo Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-212A touching down short of the runway and colliding with fencing. 

The aircraft, on a domestic flight within Brazil, was on approach to Rondonopolis' runway 02 when the aircraft touched down more than 300 metres (1000 feet) short of the runway in a soy field at 03:23Z.  The aircraft rolled for about 30 metres (100 feet) before it collided with and uprooted a fence (with concrete pylons) while going around. The aircraft subsequently landed without further incident, following a second approach, having sustained substantial damage to the fuselage, propellers and landing gear.

This time, the passengers were lucky there were no injuries, however, had the fencing been frangible the damage to the aircraft and risk to passenger safety could have been significantly less.

This isn’t the first time that an aircraft has been significantly damaged after colliding with standard, non-frangible airport fencing. A number of incidents in 2015 have highlighted the need for frangible airport fencing.  In March 2015, a Delta Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-88 landed at New York’s La Guardia airport but skidded left off the runway, climbed an embankment and broke through a fence before coming to a stop on top of an embankment.  The aircraft sustained substantial damage.

As a leading manufacturer of innovative frangible products we continuously design and manufacture new products for the airfield.  We have recently launched a new range of frangible fencing which includes perimeter fencing, FOD fencing and fencing to surround airfield obstacles. All Pollite fencing is manufactured entirely from fibreglass and composite material, meaning no corrosion, degradation, or radio magnetic interference.  Our innovative products have been designed to be easy to install, maintenance free, and long lasting.  We believe that our frangible fencing offers the perfect solution for many applications on or around airfields worldwide.

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